Doors in Rural Locations

Bad Weather In Rural Locations.

Doors in Rural Locations along with adverse weather don't always mix well.  In wet and windy conditions, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the elements outside your door.  

However; to help reduce the impact of bad weather, there are measures that can be put in place.

Water ingress can often be a problem, especially in rural locations.  Water run off from fields can become a big issue if it collects around openings.  The same can also be said for wind in exposed areas.  In this blog, we explore ways to reduce the effects of adverse weather.

Doors in Rural Areas

The weather threshold bar is designed to stop water ingress.  A rubber seal is installed on the doors bottom rail which makes contact with the floor bar to form a seal.

Please be aware it will only hold back a certain amount of water.  It does not guarantee to stop excessive water / flood.

Doors in rural locations are often in exposed windy areas.  During gale conditions, gusts of wind can cause roller shutters to blow in.

Doors in Rural Locations

The Storm Bar is designed to stop shutter doors from blowing inwards.  In addition, they also act as a measure to reduce damage in Ram Raids.  Installation can be internal or external.

Doors in Rural Locations

At Lotinga, we like to think outside the box.  From time to time, we have thought up one off solutions to help overcome problems.

Do your Agricultural Doors suffer from water ingress or a windy location?

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