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Are you looking for a local manufacturer of Industrial Doors in Kent, London, Sussex or Surrey?

"Industrial Doors" is a term that covers many different doors in various applications. 

First of all, they are versatile enough to be installed internally or externally; secondly, industrial doors can apply to multiple applications. 

You can install Industrial Doors on Domestic and Retail, Agricultural and Social Clubs to Workshops and Manufacturing premises.  You can even use these doors on Temporary Buildings.

Varying types of industrial doors are available.  From Roller Shutters, Sectional Overhead Doors, Personnel Doors, and Fire Exits; to High-Speed and Sliding DoorsDon't worry if you are unsure what type of industrial door would suit you.  We can provide you with professional, helpful and, above all, expert advice.


Industrial Doors
Industrial Doors

Don't be put off by the term 'Industrial'.  These doors have many different applications, not just industrial.  As manufacturers, we will always provide the best advice on which door is most suitable for you.  

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Industrial Roller Doors can be an attractive addition to your garage, garden shed, or spa house.

If a steel shutter is not for you, aluminium shutters provide a more attractive finish.

Industrial Doors
Industrial Doors

We know how important it is for retail to keep operating.  Therefore, to keep disruption to a minimum, please inform us if you require the work completed outside of regular hours; the best time to address this is at the quotation stage.  There will be additional costs involved for this.

Steel Shutters are popular with our Agricultural Customers.  These doors provide the best security and, above all, protection for farm equipment. 

Also, Lotinga can increase the size of your opening to accommodate overlarge equipment.  Similarly, we can reduce the size of the door if required.

Industrial Roller Doors are versatile, even making an attractive addition to an 'internal' space.

Industrial Doors
Industrial Doors

Workshops and Warehousing 

As Industrial Door Manufacturers, we can provide a quick turnaround where time is of the essence. 

Click here to find out how we turned out a new door in 24 hours.

Industrial Doors
Industrial Doors

Temporary Buildings and Manufacturing

As steel fabricators, we have developed a self-supporting structure for this type of industrial roller door. Especially useful for temporary buildings.

Industrial Doors
Industrial Doors
Internal and External Applications

Whether you need a room divider or superior security, Lotinga has a solution for all.  When considering an internal space, an industrial door would probably not come to mind.  However, industrial doors can be a valuable addition to an inner area in the right environment.

Take a look at this project for one example


Industrial Doors
Industrial Doors

We stock the majority of parts and accessories for all door types. Hence; providing a quicker turnaround than many other door repairers and installers. 

Manufacture, Installation, Servicing and Repair

We offer the whole package.

Industrial Doors

From the initial consultation, we consider the exact specification you wish for.  The doors are fabricated in our workshop and then installed by the same team that built them.

More importantly, we can install in a shorter time than those companies who have to buy in their doors.

We strive to provide a high-quality door within a swift turnaround and also at competitive prices.


Industrial Dooors

There may be rare occasions when we cannot replace a door. In addition, a different type of door is not suitable. 

In short, as fabrication specialists, we will endeavour to refurbish your existing door.


Remember! To keep within Health and Safety law, you must service an industrial door at least once a year. For further clarification, visit our Safety and Legal page. Or contact us, and we will be happy to explain further.

To help our customers keep their door maintenance current, we provide a reminder service.  In addition, Lotinga also offers discounts on scheduled repairs within our Service Agreement Facility.

Click on the link to learn more.  Alternatively, contact us for more information and a quotation.


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