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Restricted for overhead space? Steel Roller Shutters are the perfect solution.

Roller Shutters

Fast Action Roller Shutters

Want to learn more about the Fast Action Roller Shutter?  Visit the Eco-Strip page by clicking here.

Purpose built to accommodate any opening.  Manual and electric steel shutters are are an ideal form of security. 

Because we are manufacturers, Lotinga can build to your individual specification.  Furthermore, we can often accommodate a quick turnaround.


Roller Shutters

Industrial Doors / Steel Shutters

Due to the superb level of security provided; steel shutters are very popular on industrial premises.   Also, they are very cost effective.

With regular maintenance; industrial roller doors should continue to provide many years safe, reliable service.


Roller Shutters

Maintenance and Repairs

Do you have a door that needs repairing?  In order to help you keep on top of maintenance and ensure doors are running safely and reliably;  Lotinga offers a Service Agreement facility.  Providing discounts on Servicing and Repairs.

Contact us for a quotation; or, click on our Service and Save page to learn more.

Roller Shutters

Whether looking for Steel Shutters or Aluminium Doors; Roller shutter doors provide effective security for a home or premises.  

In addition; shutters give  more overhead space than traditional up and over doors; and cost less to install.

A range of Activation Devices and Optional Extras our available. For further information, please refer to the Accessories page.  Alternatively; you can call us for professional advice.  Or click on the icon to request a Free Quotation

Roller Shutters

Non-Insulated Steel Shutters

Consider galvanised steel shutters when cost is a priority.  By and large; the most cost effective option.  Made from heavy duty steel; these shutters also offer the best form of protection.

What is more; there is no need for powder coating, so laths can often be replaced the same day.


Roller Shutters

Insulated Steel Shutters

In-filled with polystyrene; insulated steel roller shutters offer an more attractive option.  And, as a result, help to reduce energy bills.

Roller Shutters

Insulated Glazed Lath Profile


Roller Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Providing a more lightweight option, aluminium shutters are an ideal option.  In addition; they provide a more attractive finish. 

Where extra security is important, the heavy duty double walled aluminium construction is exceptionally strong.  Fitted with an extruded aluminium bottom rail, incorporating a sealing strip.  The curtain is also fully end locked.

Available as insulated or non-insulated.

Consisting of aluminium lath sections and polycarbonate window in-fills (optional), a section of lath profile (left).


Roller Shutters

Brick Bond & Perforated Roller Shutter Doors

If natural light is essential, a perforated shutter or grille may be more suitable.  Also ideal for air flow.


Roller Shutters

Brick Bond or Perforated Curtains give maximum sight through a door.  Furthermore; compared to tube and link grilles, they are cheaper and also, more robust.


Roller Shutters

Tube Link Grilles

Ideal for Internal Use, Tube Link Grilles are often popular within Shopping Centres.

Made from aluminium or steel tubes and put together with steel rods; Chain Link Grilles make a lightweight, but strong curtain. 


Steel Structures and Cladding

Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters

Do you need the size of your opening altered or require steel support or cladding?

We can assist you.  

Lotinga offers a welding and fabrication service.  This means, compared to other door suppliers, we are more versatile.  And, in addition, more able to accommodate your individual needs.

Constructed in various materials, security shutters can also be operated in different ways.  If  a power supply is not available,  you can opt for either a manual push up or chain operated door.

New Installations

As manufacturers, we are able to provide a quick turnaround of Roller Shutters.  As is required, all our doors are CE marked.  Copies of all Declarations of Performance can be found here.


Of the utmost importance is Safety.  Classed as machines, these doors come under The Machinery Directive.  Consquently, they must be maintained at least once a year.  Click on the Safey and Legal Page for more information; or, contact us for advice instead.

Door safety standards state that all industrial doors must have safety devices installed.  Please refer to the Door Safety Systems page for further information on the safety devices required, or call us for professional advice. 

Ignoring A Repair Can Be Costly

Roller Shutters

Don't delay having a fault rectified.  Ignoring a small problem can cause further damage;  and as a consequence, a larger repair bill.

Click on our Service and Save page for details.  Alternatively; contact us for a no-obligation quotation instead.


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