Feature: Temporary PVC Door

Time to Market: 20 weeks

Operation: 3 Phase Electric

Location: Birmingham

Temporary PVC Door

Temporary PVC Door Project

Our Eco-Strip is an ideal temporary PVC door. Because of its construction, unlike many other industrial doors, it can come with its own self-supporting frame.

The fitting was tricky due to the shape of the opening. The 100mm heavy-duty self-supporting square frame had to fit into an arched opening.

We accomplished this by levelling and packing out around the frame.


Temporary PVC Door

Most people are familiar with sliding PVC curtains or loose PVC Strip doors. These serve a purpose but end up getting scratched and dirty, reducing visibility or causing strips to wear and tear.

Because of this, we designed the Eco-Strip door. The PVC curtain rolls up and out of the way.

In this photo, the frame is up, and the PVC door is in. In addition, a steel personnel door sits alongside it.

Lastly, we add blank static panels on each side.


Temporary PVC Door
Windy Location

This site is quite windy, so the PVC door has wind bars to help keep wind damage to a minimum.

However, when experiencing prolonged or high wind gusts, we always advise customers to raise their Eco-Strip until the weather has calmed.  As these doors are not designed as an external security door.  

Another example of a temporary PVC door can be seen here.

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