Feature: Aluminium Shutters

Size: 1800mm wide x 2130mm high

Time to Market: 6 weeks

Operation: 240v Electric

Location: Kent

Insulated Shutters
Aluminium Shutters

This customer required three aluminium shutters on their shipping containers.

All doors are 240v electrically operated and finished in a Grey powder coat.  The RAL colour 7038 is not standard; therefore, the price would be slightly higher.

The curtains consist of 44mm double wall extruded laths at 9mm thick.  As the doors are not high, a canopy box is present to avoid finger traps during operation.

These aluminium shutters use push buttons; however, other operational devices are available.  See our accessories page for more information.

Low-Level External Emergency Override.

Due to there not being any other way into the containers, should there be a power cut, the customer still needed to gain access.

To overcome this, we installed an external low-level emergency override kit.  The customer can wind the door open and close using a hand crank.  The equipment is locked off when not in use.

There are alternative solutions for this scenario, such as a battery backup system or having a wicket gate installed within the shutter curtain.  Go to our accessories page to see additional items, such as battery backups, and to see more details on wicket gates, click here.

Insulated Shutters

The usual type of door placed on the end of a container is often tough to open and close.  Aluminium shutters help to overcome this problem.  In addition, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other doors.


Don't forget that even small doors on containers need servicing.  Regular maintenance ensures the safety of personnel operating the door; also, finding minor faults early can help avoid major problems later.

In fact, it is a Health and Safety regulation to ensure industrial doors are serviced regularly.  For further clarification on this see The Law Around Industrial Doors.

Service Agreements

We offer a Service Agreement Facility.  This agreement entitles the holder to discounts on scheduled repairs.  If you would like to know more, either contact us or click on the Service and Save Page.

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