Insulated Shutter Doors of all Types

Steel Roller Shutters

Steel Insulated Shutter Doors consist of a galvanised twin skin, single rib steel curtain designed to accommodate a rigid CFC free polystyrene infill, providing a thermal insulation value of 0.69 W/M.sq.k and an acoustic insulation value of 18D.B with plastic end locks.  Included is a specially designed vertical seal strip and galvanised bottom rail with rubber seal to complete the insulation.

They have a flatter profile than non-insulated roller shutters.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium Insulated Shutter Doors consist of 77mm x 20mm Foam filled aluminium laths with a certified U value of 4.73W/m2 K.

Aluminium doors are lightweight and with their double walled construction, are very strong. 

The thermal value helps to increase the performance of your premises and you can opt for either manual or electrical operation.

If you would like some natural light into your building, the polycarbonate window infills are an ideal solution.

Sectional Overhead Doors


Sectional Overhead Doors consist of high density CFC Free polyurethane foam between steel sheets with a thermal break at each joint.  They are extreemly thermal efficient and provide effective protection from the weather.

These doors are available in 40mm, 50mm and 80mm thick panels depending on the degree of insulation required and also with vision windows.

Folding and Sliding Doors

Folding Doors are the perfect solution when side or headroom is limited. 

Sliding, Folding and Bi-Folding Doors are ideal for those buildings requiring thermal and, or acoustic insulation and many of them also offer high wind resistance.

Professional Advice, Reliability and Maintenance Discounts.

We do our utmost to provide the best professional advice and service, from the first point of contact, advising you of the best type of door for your opening, through to installation and aftercare maintenance.

It is your legal responsibility to ensure your doors are serviced at least once and year, so to aid our customers in upholding this duty and keeping their doors maintained, we offer a Service Agreement Facility.  This entitles the holder to discounts off repairs.

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