Project: Shutters and Wicket Gates

Door Size: 2700mm wide x 3450mm high

Type: 240v Electric

Location: West Sussex

Shutters and Wicket Gates

Shutters and Wicket Gates in West Sussex

This customer had a series of old folding doors which needed replacing; the best replacement was roller shutters and wicket gates.
The reason for using shutters was the need to maintain maximum headroom.  Roller Shutters are always our go-to option when head space is at a premium.  In addition, they are the most cost-effective option.



However, this installation was not straightforward. Once we removed the folding doors, we found the opening was insufficient to fix to. To overcome this, we installed steel work around the opening; an example of how our versatility as steel fabricators can be useful. In addition, as well as providing a good surround; it protected the wiring that had to remain around the edges.

Once the openings were ready, we could fit the shutters. These shutters are 240v electrically operated with 22g powder-coated curtains. Both the shutters and integral doors were powder-coated in Blue RAL 5013. A lovely colour.

Shutters and Wicket Gates

Because the shutters have integral wicket gates and are electrically operated, safety interlock switches were compulsory to stop accidents or damage.  Safety interlock switches prevent the door from working should the wicket gates remain engaged.

You can view Safety Interlock Switches on our accessories page here.  Or you can find more information on wicket gates here.



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