Feature: Retail Security Doors

Size: 1460mm wide x 2465mm high

Time to Market: 5 weeks

Operation: 240v Electric

Location: Kent

Retail Security Doors

Retail Security Doors are most importantly there to secure the premises; however, they can also make an attractive addition to the front of a shop.

Powder coating provides an attractive finish to a retail security door.  In addition, it helps to prolong the life of your shutter by protecting it from rust.  Also, due to its smoother finish allows the door to run more smoothly.

Retail Security Doors

Here, can be seen a broken window next to the front entrance door.  It was this damage that prompted the customer to have the retail security doors installed.

Do You Need Planning?

Please be aware that there maybe local planning restrictions on your shop front.  Always check with you local council whether planning permission is needed before comitting to purchasing a door.

Retail Security Doors

Steel Security Gate

In addition to the front security shutter, the customer asked for a security gate over the rear door to the shop.  These little inexpensive additions can give peace of mind after being a victim of a break-in or vandalism.

Retail Security Doors

Maintain Your Security

Help to ensure the security of your premises is maintained by keeping up to date with regular door servicing.

Discounts are available to those signing up to a Service Agreement.  In addition to money off repairs on your retail security doors, we will remind you when your servicing is due, so you never need to worry.

Concerned about the Security of your Retail Premises?

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