Project: Insulated Shutters

Door Size: 2910mm wide x 3140mm high

Type: 240v Electric

Location: Kent

Insulated Shutters in Kent

This customer has purchased several insulated shutters from us over the years.  We find they do make an attractive addition to premises.



Insulated Shutters
Insulated Shutters

The curtains consist of 4" WM95 insulated laths.  These laths provide a Class 5 Wind Resistance. 

In addition, the doors have 80mm insulated guides.

Moreover, they come with a convex bar and rubber seal at the bottom.  These help to reduce water ingress under the door.  Please remember that this does not guarantee 100% water tightness, especially where the ground is uneven.  However, it will help immensely.

Insulated Shutters
Insulated Shutters

In addition, placed within the shutter curtain was an emergency exit wicket door.

Activation on this door was via a digital keypad. 

There are many other optional extras like these available on our Accessories page.

You can find more information on Insulated Shutter Doors here.

Finally, don't forget to keep maintenance up to date.  Regular servicing helps to keep doors operational and also ensures the safety of personnel operating them.  To learn more about your maintenance obligations, click here.


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