Project: Domestic Security Shutter

Door Size: 2300mm wide x 2200mm high

Type: 240v Electric

Location: Kent

Domestic Security Shutter in Kent

A tired old up-and-over garage door has been on this garage since day one. Daylight was showing around the edges, and it creaked when operated.

Originally, the garage had no power, so the door remained in place. But recently, a power supply has been installed, and this domestic security shutter replaces the old door.

The new occupiers wanted something with a high level of security, so we recommended a Vortex Door.


Every Vortex Door is 'Secured by Design' with a Class 4 Wind Resistance.

But what attracted the customer to this door, in particular, was the patented lath design.

This door uses varying lath sizes to reduce the overall roll size. As a result, the opening only needs minimum headroom between the top of the door and the ceiling.

A digital keypad Operates the domestic security shutter.  However, many other types of activation are available on our Accessories Page.


These doors run more quietly than traditional type roller shutter doors.

The Vortex Door is not just suitable for domestic properties; you can apply this door to commercial or retail; infact, anywhere that has minimum headroom but requires maximum protection.

You can find further information about the Vortex Shutter Door hereCGT Security which manufactures the Vortex Door, also produces other high-security doors such as the Stackdoor and the Xonar DoorAlternatively, you can see different forms of security doors that we offer here.


You may still be happy with your current garage door. That's OK. But, are you ensuring you stay satisfied with your door by keeping it maintained regularly? Having an annual service is relatively inexpensive compared to what a repair would cost should the door malfunction. Contact us for a service quotation and ask about our Service Agreement Facility, which provides you with discounts on scheduled repairs.


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