Steel Roller Doors and Grilles

Looking for Steel Roller Doors and Grilles for Retail Premises in Kent, London, Sussex or Surrey?  

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Retail Roller Doors

Shutters are the most popular form of security doors on retail premises.

Generally, security doors on shop fronts are 240v electric. The reason being, no locks can be tampered with and, the operation is more effortless.  Also, customers often choose a colour powder coated finish to provide a more attractive result. You can see an example in this project.

Retail businesses tend to have Larger roller shutters at the rear of premises. 3 Phase operation allows for excess usage in a delivery area. Furthermore, when not public-facing, a galvanised finish is more cost-effective.

We manufacture Roller Doors with either Solid or, Brick Bond / Perforated Curtains. These allow visibility when closed.  Lotinga will make each shutter to your specification.  As a result, the customer gets a tailor-made door.


Aluminium Shutters

As has been mentioned, colour powder coating provides a excellent finish.  However, powder-coated aluminium shutters give the best result.

Planning Permission

Be aware!  Shop shutters may require planning permission.  We strongly advise checking this before placing an order.

Safety and Maintenance Discounts

Our priority is to keep doors working and ensure the safety of the staff operating them.  To help accomplish this, we offer a Service Agreement Facility. Visit the Service and Save Page or contact us for more details.

Quick Turnaround

As manufacturers, we keep all shutter door parts in stock.  As a result, repairs can be turned around within a day or two (workload permitting).

Steel Roller Shutters
Steel Roller Shutters
Steel Roller Shutters
Steel Roller Shutetrs


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