Project: Insulated Doors Project

Size: 4110mm wide x 3120mm high

Type: 240v Electric

Location: Rochester, Kent

Insulated Doors - New Build Workshop and Storage

Insulated doors

Here we feature a newly built workshop and storage unit with Insulated Doors. Comprising of two shutters and also a steel emergency exit door.

The WM95 shutter laths comprise a twin skin profile roll-formed from a single strip of material; with a full polyurethane foam-filled central core.

As well as providing acoustic properties, the WM95 curtains give outstanding thermal insulation.

Insulated Doors

An attractive door profile is always welcome; not only does the WM95 shutter make an excellent addition to your home or business, but it helps to keep heat in. 

To keep water ingress at bay, we installed a bottom convex weather bar. In addition, a brush strip was installed on the top under the soffit to keep drafts out.  

To provide an emergency escape route, we placed a push bar on the inside of the exit door. Furthermore, all the doors were given a Mushroom powder-coated finish. 

If your premises requires natural light, a vision window option is available.


Click here to view these and other available accessories.

This video shows one of the insulated doors in operation using a 240v tube motor. 

If your opening is likely to get excessive use or quicker operation would be more desirable; an inverter motor would be the answer.

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