Feature: Galvanised Shutter

Size: 7200mm wide x 5500mm high

Time to Market: 4 weeks

Operation: Electrical - Push Button

Location: Sittingbourne

Galvanised Shutter

Here is an original opening, currently housing a sectional overhead door. 

To aid traffic flow, a wider opening was required.  For this reason; cutting through cladding, purlings and steel work was necessary.

In addition; existing steel bollards had to be removed.


Sectional Overhead Doors are attractive looking and provide good insulation if needed.  However; installation is expensive and maintenance, repair or replacement even more so.

With this in mind; a galvanised shutter door was recommended, as a more suitable and cost effective option.

Galvanised Shutter
Galvanised Shutter

To make room for the larger opening; the cladding was cut through and the small steels, purlings and flashings were removed.

Galvanised Shutter

With the opening widened back to the main supporting steels; commencement of the galvanised shutter installation was underway.

Because of the windy location of the opening, the shutter was constructed using a 20g heavy duty curtain. 

Galvanised Shutter

In addition; windlocks were added to the curtain and guides; this helps hold the curtain in place during strong gusts.

Also; new bollards were added to the corners, to help protect the door from impact damage.


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Not all industrial door installers can carry out steel fabrication.  As a result of our experience; we can offer more options for an opening.  Either making the entrance larger, or smaller to fit the customers' needs.

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