Project: Industrial Doors and Steel Wall Support

Door Size: 4400mm wide x 3250mm high

Type: 240v Electrical

Location: Ashford

Steel Wall Supports

Steel Wall Supports - A Problem Solved

During an industrial door survey, an issue with a damaged wall was mentioned. Lotinga resolved the problem with steel wall supports.

Steel Wall Supports

One side of the shed was currently used for horses; the other side was needed for secure storage.  However; there was one other issue which was causing concern.  

Horses had leant against a dividing wall, causing it to crack.  As a consequence, it had become unstable.  At Lotinga we like to think outside of the box.  The idea of a steel wall support was devised.

A steel frame was fabricated across the entire expanse of the wall.  In order to stop the wall from moving further, it was tied in with brackets.

As a result; extra support was given to the wall from the horses that continued to lean against it.

Canvas sheets were originally covering the storage area openings.  We installed two electric roller shutter doors.  In addition, a steel personnel door was placed in the middle to provide ease of access for pedestrians.

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