Feature: Speed Door

Time to Market: 12 weeks

Operation: 240v / 3 Phase Electric

Location: Surrey

Fast Action Warehouse Door Project

Due to the delicate nature of the items stored in this warehouse, the customer needed a fast-action warehouse door that would help keep the environment cleaner and warmer.

This project took 12 weeks to complete because, currently, the motors are hard to come by. If you are considering purchasing a speed door, we strongly recommend getting your orders in as early as possible.


Fast Action Warehouse Door in Action

The inverter motor can be used with either a 240v or 3 phase connection.  The customer required an external palm pad for activation.  The clear curtain allows maximum light into the building.

Fast Action Warehouse Door
Looking After Your Speed Door

These speed doors are not designed as external doors and do not have a wind resistance rating. Therefore, should the weather turn exceptionally windy, ALWAYS take your speed door up, and leave it up until the weather improves; this will ensure it does not blow out.

In order to help reduce the amount of damage done to the curtain should a certain amount of force be pushed against it, the Eco-Strip door has been designed with break-out tabs that will snap to alleviate the pressure, allowing the curtain to swing free of the guides. However, this does not guarantee damage will not occur to the door.

The Eco-Strip Doors are very versatile for all applications.  You can view other projects involving these doors by clicking here.

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