Project: Bespoke Dog Bench

Type: Steel

Location: Sittingbourne

Sometimes a customer might have a problem they need to overcome.  This might mean making a one off bespoke steel fabrication item.  At Lotinga if we can fabricate what you need and make your life easier, we will.

This particular problem was for a staff member.  They live in the country and own dogsIn wet weather, their dogs often get very muddy; which means washing them off when they get home is a back breaking ordeal.

Keeping the dog still, soaping them up, hosing them down and then drying them off; all the while bending over to do it.

What was wanted was something which would be easy for the dog to climb onto, meaning no lifting was required. 

Water had to be able to drain away easily; the height had to be right for the owner and also there had to be an area to clip the dog to; in addition, it had to be very stable but also easy to move around.

Using their bespoke steel fabrication skills, our engineers came up with this dog grooming bench.  The dog bench is easy for the dog to climb up on, is at the right height for the owner and water runs through the mesh.  In addition, there is an area for clipping the dog on and it also had a basket to keep cleaning products in. 

Furthermore, added to the bottom are ski like feet so it can be slid around.  We felt these would be better than wheels which might move around if the dog moved.

Two prototypes have been made; one in a galvanised finish and the other in a green powder coated finish, both of which will protect the steel from rusting quickly.

If this bespoke item is of interest to you or you have a different issue you think we could help you find a solution for, please contact us or fill out our quotation request form.