Experts in Industrial Roller Doors covering Kent, London, Sussex and Surrey.

Looking for a friendly, family-run business, giving the best professional advice and a quick turnaround? Then call Lotinga Industrial Doors®.

Lotinga's founder has over 30 years of door engineering experience and established Lotinga Industrial Doors in April 2000. As an employee, Mr Lotinga became so disillusioned by the level of service he could give customers; he decided he could do a far better job working for himself. So here we are over 20 years later. With a portfolio of long-standing customers and a pretty good reputation.

It's not a hard and fast rule, but we prefer to train our engineers from the ground up. That way, we know they will more likely do their job the way Mr Lotinga would do it himself.

Lotinga  Doors can offer you an entire maintenance contract on all your industrial roller doors. We highly recommend six-monthly inspections to highlight any problems occurring. Overlooking regular inspections could lead to costly repairs and also door failure in the future.

Regular maintenance helps to ensure the smooth running of your security doors, the security of your premises and the safety of personnel operating them. Custom made to your specifications, our doors come with various operational choices, finishes, optional extras and accessories.

We manufacture our roller shutters and speed doors and can install and maintain all types of industrial doors and steel security doors, bollards, etc. It is as a result of being a manufacturer; we can often offer a quick turnaround.

Service and Save 

With our experience and expertise, we will always provide you with professional advice.  Such as, what industrial roller door would be the best application for your building and, above all, how to ensure your door performs safely and reliably for as many years as possible.

We will do our utmost to ensure maintaining the safety, security and reliability of our customers' doors is affordable for them. For this reason, we offer our Service Agreement Facility; this entitles our customers to discounts off Servicing and Scheduled Repairs.

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