Feature: Sectional Agricultural Door

Size: 4000mm wide x 4500mm high

Time to Market: 6 weeks

Operation: 3 Phase Electrical

Location: Norwich & Bury St Edmunds

Sectional Agricultural Door

Once again, Lotinga has the pleasure of being asked to install industrial doors for The Bom Group. 

On this occassion, Sectional Agricultural Doors were installed at their new Greenhouses Projects in Norwich and Bury St. Edmunds.

Classed as Britains largest and lowest carbon greenhouses;  Sectional Overhead Doors provide an attractive addition to the buildings.

The locations are out of our usual area of operation.  However; in addition to the potential number of Sectional Doors required, Bom also want to use our Eco-Strip Speed doors.


We are very pleased that Bom were so happy with the Eco-Strips previously installed at Thanet Earth; and that they want to use them again.  Videos of the Eco-Strips at that project can be viewed here.

Sectional Agricultural Door

Due to the amount of usage the Sectional Agricultural Doors will be getting; the most reliable choice was 3 phase operation.  In addition; head height was also very important, so the high lift option was selected.

These Greenhouses boast the worlds first heating system using waste heat from water treatment facilities.  We are always proud to be involved in such innovative farming projects.  Further details on these projects can be seen here.

Covering more than 13 hectars, we have already installed the first of the Sectional Agricultural Doors on the sites.  Altogether, we look forward to further installs as the builds progress.

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