Project: Eco-Strip Speed and Roller Shutter Dual Door Installation

Door Size: 4000mm wide x 4000m high

Type: 3 Phase Electric

Location: Haywards Heath

Roller Shutter – Eco-Strip Dual Door Installation

Lotinga's speciality; the one product we are most proud of.  

Choosing a dual installation is more cost effective; in contrast to having a shutter door and speed door installed seperately; due to labour time being reduced.

Frame Being Laid Out.  Installations run much more smoothly if the frames are raised in one go.

Installing Wiring and Fixing Eco-Strip and Shutter into Opening.  Wiring is hidden away; with the intention of making the installation as attractive as possible.

Tightening Up and Commissioning.  Ensuring everything is working correctly; to say nothing of, being safe and secure.

Dual Installation Complete.  One door for security; and another to help keep warmth in and dust out.

Don't forget to keep all industrial doors maintained.  Firstly; it helps keep personnel operating the doors safe; secondly, maintenance helps maintain reliability;  thirdly; regular servicing is written into Health and Safety Law.

In order to help customers keep up with regular maintenance; Lotinga offers a Service Agreement Facility.  Click on the Service and Discounts Page to learn more.


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