FeatureLevel 4 High Security Door

Size: 995mm wide x 1990mm high

Time to Market: 8 Weeks

Operation: Manual

Location: Maidstone

High Security Door

This was something of a bespoke project. 

The customer was very particular about the type of high security doors he wanted, but could not fine anyone to take it on.

Then Lotinga got a call.

A few burglaries had occured in the area, and some valuable items were to be housed in the building; so, Lotinga got to work sourcing the best solution.

Many options were looked at; but in the end, it was decided that a sliding door, a steel personnel door and a security gate would be the best solution.

High Security Door

All the doors selected were heavy duty and manually operated.  So, with solid security bars on the inside and 6mm plate on the outside of the sliding door; it was felt these would provide the most cost effective security solution.

To provide a more attractive finish, all the doors were fully powder coated in Brown.

High Security Door

The doors were very heavy which made the work tricky to install; however, with the help of several bodies and trollies, it was managed safely.

High Security Door


Don't forget!  To maintain security of your premises, regular maintenance must be completed.

In order to help our customers keep up to date with door servicing; we offer a Service Agreement Facility, entitling the holder to discounts off scheduled repairs Click on the link to learn more, or, contact us for a quotation.

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