Steel Roller Shutters

Steel Roller Shutters, Barriers, Gates, and Personnel Doors

Firstly, it doesn't matter if you are in Kent, London, Sussex or Surrey.  Secondly, you could be a Power Station or High-Security Telecommunications Bunker.  Either way, Lotinga can provide barriers, gates, steel roller shutters or security doors for your specific needs.

In addition, we can make alterations to openings to accommodate the type of door you require.

Utilities - Applications

Regarding different applications, you can use many doors in various settings.  For example, this roller grille installation inside an underground bunker. 

If you are not sure what door would be most suitable for you, contact us for advice.

Quick Turnaround

Do you have an urgent repair that needs attention?  As manufacturers of steel roller shutters, speed doors and gates, we stock most parts.  Consequently, we can often repair within a day or so (workload permitting). 

Recently, we manufactured and installed a new shutter within 24 hours.   The customer had suffered a ram raid.  Check out our blog here to learn more.


Steel Roller Shutters
Steel Roller Shutters
Steel Roller Shutters


Maintenance Discounts

Finally, Industrial Doors come under the Machinery Directive.  That being the case, maintenance must be regular.   For clarity on industrial doors and your responsibilities, either click here or contact us.

Please take advantage of our Service Agreement Facility and be eligible for discounts on servicing and repairs.

Click on our Service and Save page to learn more or contact us for a quotation.