Feature: Fast Action Door Repair

Time to Market: 4 weeks

Operation: 3 Phase Electric

Location: Kent

Fast Action

Fast Action Door Repair

Manufacturers in the USA make these particular doors. Because parts are expensive to import, the doors have not worked for a while.

As a result, the customer could not find a door company to take it on. But then they found us!

The customer was so weary of the problems caused by having the openings out of action that they said they wanted to replace the doors entirely.

However, at Lotinga, we believe in giving our customers the best value for money.  Our surveyor advised that these were the best doors on the market for their particular environment and suggested we attempt to fix them.

Importing Was Expensive

Importing the required parts was going to be an expensive endeavour, so, as we are fabricators, we took on fabricating the parts ourselves.

These doors are fully automated and non-operational, with floor loops and traffic lights. They are also Class 5 wind resistant; however, it did not take extreme blustery weather to blow them out. We would not expect Class 5 doors to blow out so easily.

Fast Action
Getting the Fast Action Door Operational

So, we set to work!  We found the doors blew out because of several broken curtain anchor-bearing plates. We manufactured and installed new ones. The safety systems on the doors were failing. A replacement floor loop detector was required; the connections in the traffic lights needed cleaning and re-wiring. The bottom bar and safety edge were faulty, so we also manufactured and installed new ones.

Thankfully, the 6mm rubber curtains were intact as that was something we may well have had to import.

The customer was happy that their doors were going to be operational again. We found some additional problems whilst doing the work, so we will return to complete those; which we may post about later on.  But all in all, it was a very successful project.

Do you have doors that you are struggling to fix?

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