Project: New Opening and Roller Shutter

Door Size: 3150mm wide x 3200m high

Type: 3 Phase Electric

Location: Sussex

Roller Shutters in Sussex

New Opening and Roller Shutters in Sussex

In order to accommodate fork truck access, this customer needed an additional work area and a new opening.

Engineers cut into the blockwork and installed a box flag frame.

Roller Shutters in Sussex

The steel frame was there to finish the opening and also provide adequate support for the shutter.

Because as much height as possible was required; a roller shutter was the best solution.

The completion of a tidy new opening and galvanised roller shutter.   The door consists of a 22g galvanised curtain and 3 phase electrical operation.  As a result, it gives the necessary strength and security for the business.  You can find alternative forms of operation and additional safety and accessories on our Accessories page.

This project provided the much needed additional space and access required for the customer.

The shutters are made here at our Kent premises.  We repair and install roller shutters in Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London.

Is there a problem that Lotinga could help with?  Do you require more workspace or a new opening?  Or, do you have existing industrial doors that require a bit of attention? 

Remember! Regular maintenance helps to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your doors and is also a legal requirement.  For further clarification, see our Legal page.  Contact us to find out about our Service Agreement Facility, which entitles the holder to discounts off scheduled repairs.


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