Project: Acoustic Bi-Folding Door

Size: 4970mm wide x 5080mm high

Type: Manual

Location: Shoreham, West Sussex

Acoutis Bi-Folding Doors

DB40 Acoustic Bi-Folding Doors

We installed Acoustic Bi-Folding doors on a Power Station.   Due to the plant operations, residents were unhappy with the noise generated.

An acoustic door was already in place;  however, it was not sufficient for noise control.  Therefore,  we installed another acoustic door in front of the existing one.  As a result, we rectified the problem.  More importantly, residents were happy.

To avoid impact damage from vehicles, we added steel bollards.

Acoustic Bi-Folding Doors
Acoustic Bi-Folding Doors

Installation of the frame for the New Acoustic Door in front of the existing one.

Acoustic Bi-Folding Doors

The Door starts to take shape as panels go in.

Accoustic Bi-Folding Doors

Firstly, we installed the door.  Lastly, the Steel Bollards went in.

Acoustic Bi-Folding Doors

Steel Bollards Were Concreted In.

Acoustic Bi-Folding Door

Regular servicing helps to ensure the smooth running of industrial doors.  In addition, it is also Health and Safety Law.  Contact us if you would like more clarification on this.

To aid customers in meeting their legal obligations, Lotinga offers a Service Agreement Facility.   Not only does it entitle the holder to discounts on scheduled repairs, but above all, it helps to ensure the safety of personnel using the openings.

Door and Bollard Installations Complete.  An attractive installation, but above all, providing the required sound insulation.

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