Project: Thermal Insulated Door

Size: 4700mm wide x 3700mm high

Type: Manual

Location: Deal

Cold Store - Thermal Insulated Door

Thermal Insulated Door

This cold store had very old sliding doors;  Which were hard to open and dangerous.  A new thermal insulated door was required.

The original wicket gate had no handle on the inside, and eventually, it started to close by itself.  As a result, a staff member was closed in unintentionally.  Thankfully, someone discovered her in the refrigerated building in time.

The customer quite rightly wanted this severe health and safety issue addressed as soon as possible.

Thermal Insulated Door

We installed a new powder coated thermal insulated door.

It consisted of light gauge steel sheets bonded to a steel channel frame, reinforced with a rigid plastic foam core.   Upper guides consisted of a galvanised steel profile, correctly dimensioned for a big clear opening.

Manually operated with a Class 3 wind load resistance, included with a galvanised canopy box and a pedestrian wicket door with an internal emergency panic bar.  In addition, we installed an externally fitted locking handle.  

Thermal Insulated Door

This pedestrian door provided ease of access for staff without having to open the main door.  Creating a more efficient opening.

With U=1,6 W / SQM.K 55mm thick panels, these thermal insulated doors provide an ideal solution and attractive addition to any Cold Store.

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