Feature: Roller Shutter Barn Door

Size: 3600mm wide x 4250mm high

Time to Market: 4 weeks

Operation: Electrical - Fully Automatic

Location: Middlesex

This customer had a tractor shed with a wooden sliding barn door.

He didn't want them removed completely so we pushed them back out of the way and installed a roller shutter.

Roller Shutters are a good form of security when housing farm machinery.

Additional security devices can be added to enhance the  robustness of the door such as a Ram Raid Barrier.

A Roller Shutter Barn Door takes up less space than the traditional type of sliding barn door.

In addition, it is a great solution if overhead space is an issue.

Because this opening would be heavily used, this door was made fully automatic; as a result, improving traffic flow of the farm machinery.

Roller Shutters are not the only type of door suitable for barns.  Below are some other examples.  A folding concertina door (left) and a Single Sliding Barn Door (rigth).

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