Feature: Dual Speed Shutter 

Size: 4600mm wide x 5000mm high

Time to Market: 8 weeks

Operation: 3 Phase

Location: Kent

Dual Speed Shutter
Dual Speed Shutter Project

Here we take a look at another dual speed shutter project.

This installation consists of a 3-phase electrically operated roller shutter; alongside an inverter-run high-speed roller door.

The Eco-Strip high-speed door helps keep heat in and dust out whilst allowing maximum light into the building. 

The roller shutter helps to maintain the building's security.

Dual Speed Shutter
Roller Shutter

The shutter has a standard push-button operation.  With a 22g steel curtain finished in a lovely blue powder-coated colour. 

Steel is ideal for a solid security door.  However, you could opt for an aluminium curtain for a slightly more pleasing profile. 

To see what an aluminium curtain looks like and the comparison between the two, click here.

Dual Speed Shutter
Eco-Strip PVC Speed Door

The Eco-Strip High-Speed Door runs via a remote control unit.  The motor on this door is an inverter motor; this means it can run on either 240v or 3-phase power, and you can adjust the speed of the door to suit your requirements.

You can operate these doors in many different ways.  Motion Sensors, push buttons or remote controls as per this door.  To see a full range of operational options, click here.

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