Feature: Single and Double Doors Project

Size: 1790mm wide x 3275mm high

Time to Market: 8 weeks

Operation: Manual

Location: Dartford, Kent

Single and Double Doors Project

The single and double doors within the basement of this premises had seen better days. 

The doors are in a plant room, used for storing chemicals for a swimming pool.  As the substances are corrosive, the doors are very corroded.

There was no easy way of getting the old doors out of the basement and the new ones in, so a crane was used to winch in and out.

Within this project were single, double and single-and-a-half door leafs. The leafs consist of 1.2mm Zintec skins and honeycomb infills.

Some doors required air vents because of the fumes created by the chemicals in this area. 

The vents provide a simple but effective solution allowing fumes out and fresh air in.

Solid steel panels were placed above the doors to fill the overhigh openings.

Double Doors

In addition to the vents, we coat the single and double doors in marine-grade paint; this helps to slow down any new corrosion.

The grey powder coat provides an attractive finish.  Many colour options are available.  You can find the full range here.   Please bear in mind this link shows every RAL colour available.  Not all the colours are standard, and some of those colours will come with additional costs.  

Alternatively, our site has many examples of different colours; you can find some examples here.

Furthermore, a grey prime finish will also work if colour is not a priority.


Can We Help Maintain Your Doors In Any Troublesome Areas?

If you have any problem areas in your premises that you need door solutions for, please get in touch with us.

Finally, don't forget to keep all doors regularly maintained, especially those situated in corrosive areas.