Agricultural Doors

Speed Doors as Agricultural Doors

Versatility is a central feature of the Eco-Strip Roller Door. Its use as Internal and External Agricultural Doors is one example.  

⇐ Initially, a sectional door divided the room; but, it suffered impact damage. Like for like was an option. However, the customer wanted to find a door better suited for a relatively cool and, more importantly, clean area. In addition, complete visibility was essential. The Eco-Strip was the solution.


Agricultural Doors

Versatility, not to mention the quality of build and the technology, is shown in the Vertical Farm Facility at Intelligent Growth Solutions.

After seeing the Eco-Strips on our website, namely, the Thanet Earth installations, Intelligent Growth contacted us.

Working closely with IGS, Lotinga designed a prototype for the indoor farm.  As a result, the Eco-Strip was featured permanently in the machine.
Due to the fact, the farm uses UV lights to protect eyes; we used a specific material to make the curtain. In addition, speed was essential to allow robots to move freely inside the facility.  Automation of the doors was wired directly into the system, enabling the machine to operate them.


But, the Thanet Earth installation made us realise just how helpful the Eco-Strip could be.  Especially when working beside robots. (As seen in the example video below)

Agricultural Doors

Main Features

Overall, Eco-Strips are not just great for using as Agricultural Doors; indeed, there are many reasons to chose an Eco-Strip installation.

  • Very Versatile - Can be used for a range of different applications and environments
  • Instant pass for people or vehicles (optional)
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Controls air and dust coming into the building
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Allows maximum natural light into the building
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty and durable PVC
  • Energy Saver
  • High Speed (if required)
  • Cheaper repair bills than traditional canvas speed doors (if the curtain is damaged, often only the damaged strips will require replacing, not the entire curtain).
  • Many different forms of automation.
  • A Self-supporting option is available for temporary buildings.


Agricultural Doors

Alternative Types of Agricultural Door

As an internal Agricultural door, the Eco-Strip is a good option.  However, there are many types of External Agricultural Doors available. Click on our Agricultural Sector Page to see more.  Alternatively, contact us for further advice.


Don't forget that regular servicing is not only essential but part of Health and Safety Law.

We offer a Service Agreement facility that entitles the holder to discounts off scheduled repairs.  Either contact us for a no-obligation quotation or click on the link to learn more.


Could you benefit from an Eco-Strip installation; or, would you like to discuss different types of Agricultural Doors?

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