Project: Bespoke Media Screen Frame and Protective Roller Shutter

Size: 5350mm wide x 3600mm high

Type: 240v Electric

Location: Croydon

Door Fabrication

Bespoke Screen Frame and Protective Roller Shutter

Lotinga strives to provide the best service.  For this reason; we are always happy to attempt bespoke door fabrication; in order to achieve the specification the customer requires.

Here, a digital Sports Score Board was required.  As a result; Lotinga teamed up with a Media Screen Provider, to provide a bespoke frame for the new screen.

In addition; the customer wanted the screens protected whilst not in use.  That being the case, we installed a Roller Shutter for the required security

Starting Installation of the Frame. Lovely weather in a very pleasant location.

Door Fabrication
Door Fabrication

Screens are installed into the frame. The heavy duty frame supports all around the screens; for the purpose of, giving protection from damage.

Door Fabrication

Screens in.   Shutter Installation commences.  The screens are fragile; therefore, a Roller Shutter is an ideal solution to keep them protected; in addition, it provides an attractive finish when the screens are not in use.

Door Fabrication

Installation of the Frame, Screens and Roller Shutter Complete.  Altogether, an attractive and useful; not to mention, secure addition to the sports field.

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