Project: Combination Doors Project

Size: 8400mm wide x 4300mm high

Type: 3 Phase Electric

Location: Maidstone

Combination Doors - Speed, Shutter and Emergency Exit

Combination Doors

What are dual or combination doors? We use this term to describe an installation of more than one door into a single opening.

Initially, the premises featured here had an overly wide opening and no entrance for personnel.

To overcome both problems, we erected extra steel to reduce the opening size.

Combination Doors

As a result, we created a new smaller space. This space provided room for an emergency exit door and window.

This picture shows the emergency exit door, along with the window, allowing some natural light into the building. We installed fabricated panels in the remaining area. Furthermore, a small space was kept by to accommodate the main door controls.

Even with the width reduced, the central opening was still 8400mm wide. Plenty of room to get vehicles into the workshop.

Next, we installed the Roller Shutter to secure the building. Then, behind the shutter, we placed the Eco-Strip Speed Door.

Combination Doors

This way, maximum natural light was allowed into the area; whilst keeping the weather out and heat in.

The speed door was from our Eco-Strip 300 standard range. The operation was via a standard 3 phase motor. However, High-speed versions are available. 

In short, a combination doors project providing a successful solution.


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