Door Accessories

Covering Kent, London, Sussex and Surrey, we offer a full range of optional door accessories, such as additional security items to various operational choices.

Unsure of what is best for you; then call us for professional advice.

Modes of Operation


Push up doors are manually operated and require some effort to push up and pull down and the pin locks can be tricky to line up.  We do not recommend them if elderly people or those with weak or bad backs will be operating them. 


Electric doors are self locking via the motor.  Additional manual locks can be installed but a safety interlock switch will have to be installed with them.

♦  240v Tube Motor and Motor Cover Box

Activation Devices (Examples)

Below is a small selection on offer, contact us for further examples.

♦  Montion Sensor

♦  Push Buttons

♦ Vehicle Transmitter

♦ Vehicle Transmitter and Rocker Switch

♦  Remote Control

♦  Proximity Reader

♦ Control Panel

♦ Control Panel Box

♦  Key Switch

♦ Cover Box


Canopy Boxes

Canopy Boxes protect the barrel and working parts and in addition make the door look more aesthetically pleasing.


Locks (Door Accessories)

There are a selection of different manual locks available.  A manual lock can be installed onto an electric door, providing that a safety interlock switch is installed so that no damage is caused to the door by attempting to operate it whilst the locks are in place.

♦  Ground Lock

♦  Pin Lock

♦ Safety Interlock Box

Prevention of Draughts and Water Ingress

Brush Strip is designed to help prevent door vibration and also aids in preventing draughts.

♦ Brush Strip

To help prevent draughts.


Rubber Seal ♦

To help prevent water ingress

Wicket Gates

Wicket Gates provide a more convenient method of entering your building; you can walk into the premises without having to raise your roller shutter or sectional door instead.

When installing a wicket gate on an electrically operated door, a Safety Interlock Switch will be required. Please refer to our Safety page for more details or call us for expert advice instead.

Door Safety and Security

Ram Raid Barrier / Storm Bar (Designed by Lotinga)

Your personal safety and security of your premises is our first priority.  

See how you can ensure your door is as safe and secure as possible.

Click on our Door Safety Systems page for more information or give us a call for further advice.


Made to your individual specification.

Static Bollards

An ideal solution to protect your entrances from vehicle damage.

Retractable Bollards

A great solution for the prevention of Ram Raids or accidential vehicle damage but with the option of removing them for access.



Most of our industrial doors come with a galvanised finish.  However, colour finishes are available in either plastisol, powder coat or painted finish.

These are example colours.  A full range of RAL colours can be found at


Service and Save

We offer discounts off annual maintenance and also scheduled repairs with our Service Agreement Facility; click on our Service and Save Page or give us a call to find out more instead.