Feature: Aluminium Glass Door

Size: 3520mm wide x 2700mm high

Time to Market: 4 months

Operation: Manual

Location: Canterbury

Aluminium Glass Door

These doors were worn and tired looking, in addition, because they were so old, parts were not available.  Furthermore, they did not represent the customers' new corporate colours.

Because the doors were beyond economical repair we replaced each with a new aluminium glass door and windows in their corporate colours.

What is more, the main entrance doors also had to double up as an emergency exit and open outwards.

Aluminium Glass Doors

However, when the public were passing through on more windy days the doors would often get caught by the wind and be forced back.  This regularly caused damage to the doors.

In order to overcome this problem, we fitted heavy duty closures to the inside of the main aluminium glass door to stop this from happening.

Aluminiuim Glass Door

Now the customer has new corporate coloured aluminium glass doors which are less likely to get broken on a regular basis.

Aluminium Glass Door
Aluminium Glass Door
Aluminium Glass Door

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