Feature: Shopping Centre Door Project

Size: 9300mm wide x 6000mm high

Time to Market: 12 weeks

Operation: Electrical 

Location: Folkestone, Kent

Shopping Centre Door
A Large Shopping Centre Door Project

The original shopping centre door took constant bombardment from high winds; as a result, it finally stopped functioning.

Lotinga was asked to manufacture and install a new brick bond-curtained door.  Due to the severe weather conditions, this door was going to experience, we knew it had to be up to the job.

To minimise the damage done by the wind, we place solid wind braces at intervals within the 20 gauge wind-locked brick bond curtain.  In addition, the curtain runs through large 4" steel wind-locked guides.

When the roller shutter at the other end of the shopping mall is open, this causes a wind tunnel effect, so this door had to be made as sturdy as possible.  It was so large, it took up a huge section of our workshop.

The brick-bond laths not only allow air to flow through instead of blowing the door in; but also allow visibility through the curtain whilst providing effective security.

Due to the coastal location of the opening, the shopping centre door was finished in Marine Grade powder coat paint.  Using a currently popular colour grey, creating an attractive overall finish.

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