Feature: Cold Storage Door 

Size: 2900mm wide x 3500mm high

Time to Market: 8 Weeks

Operation: 3 Phase Electrical 

Location: Sittingbourne

Cold Storage Door

Here is a cold store extension. The customer required an access cut through to the existing building.

Internal Cold Storage Door

The customer wished for a dividing door between one cold room to another. Thermal insulation was unnecessary; but, reducing contamination was. 

Thus, an Eco-Strip speed door was the best solution.

Galvanised flashing around the edge of the opening was used to provide a good finish.

Inverter motor operation meant we could alter the speed of the door to the customers' requirements.

Cold Storage Door

Within cold storage environments, hygiene is essential. For this reason, the PVC curtain was ideal, as it is easy to wash down. Furthermore, the curtain comes in various colours, matching the farm corporate identity if desired. Further, they could choose a totally clear curtain option, giving full view and light through the opening.

In addition, as the operation is automatic and at speed, this improves the efficiency of the opening.

The operation of this agricultural cold storage door was via motion detectors.

External Cold Storage Doors

Cold Storage Door

The door featured above is internal.  Generally, external Cold Storage Doors are insulated; such as the Sectional Overhead Door seen here ⇐ 

Or the insulated roller shutter here.

Cold Storage Door

Industrial Door Accessories

As well as the motion detector featured, there are other types of available accessories. Click on our Accessories and Safety page to see the full range of accessories available.

Door Maintenance Discounts

To help customers meet their health and safety responsibilities, we offer a Service Agreement Facility. For a minimum two year agreement, this entitles the holder to discounts off repairs.

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