Wicket Gates provide a convenient method of entering without raising the shutter.

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With no Steel Personnel Door or other access into a building, a wicket door provides a more convenient entry method.  Removing the need to raise the shutter each time.

When installed within a Roller Shutter Door, the wicket gate does not roll up; you must push the gate back for the shutter to operate.


Wicket Gates - How They Work

Roller Shutter Integral Door

You cannot lift the Wicket Gate along with the roller shutter door.  Instead, you must follow these steps:

  • Undo the top and bottom internal levers to release the securing flap.
  • Pull both the door and frame back towards the wall.
  • If the door is electrically operated, the gate MUST engage with the safety interlock switch (see below)
  • The shutter can then be raised.
  • To avoid damage to the shutter, please do not attempt to raise it with the wicket gate.
Wicket Gates

Wicket Gates - How They Work

Sectional Overhead Door Integral Door

Unlike a roller shutter, Sectional wicket gates are designed to raise together.  However, you must ensure the gate is securely closed before attempting operation.

Wicket Gates


Safety Interlock Switch

Electrically operated roller shutters and sectional overhead doors, with integral doors, must have this additional safety feature.  

If the gate is not fully opened or positioned correctly, the door is prevented from operating.  Thus avoiding any damage to the door.

If someone attempts to install a wicket door for you, especially within an existing shutter door, ensure a safety interlock switch is included. If you have a manual door, always be aware of the importance of fully opening the gate before attempting to operate the shutter.


Wicket Gates



Wicket Gates
Wicket Gates
Wicket Gates

Need an emergency exit door?  With a panic bar installed, you can use these integral pass doors for emergencies.

Two Sizes Are Available:

Standard Size: 550mm wide x 1650mm high

Euro Size: 750mm wide x 1875mm high



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