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Speed Doors as Agricultural Doors

Versatility is a main feature of the Eco-Strip Roller Door.  Its use as Internal and External Agricultural Doors is one example.  

Originally; a sectional door divided the room; but, it suffered impact damage.  Like for like was an option.  However; the customer wanted to find a door better suited for the purpose.  To maintain a relatively cool, and, more importantly, clean area for the storage of fruit.   In addition; full visability was essential.  The Eco-Strip was the solution.


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Versatility, not to mention, quality of build and the technology; is shown in the Vertical Farm Facility at Intelligent Growth Solutions.

After initially seeing the Eco-Strips on our website; namely, the Thanet Earth installations; Intelligent Growth contacted us.

Working closely with IGS; Lotinga designed a protoype for the indoor farm.  As a result; the Eco-Strip was featured permanently in the machine. 

Due to the fact the farm uses UV lights; to protect eyes, the curtain had to be made of a specific material.  In addition; speed was essential to allow robots inside the facility to move around freely.  Automation of the doors was wired directly into the system; enabling the machine to operate them.


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But; it was the Thanet Earth installation which made us realise, just how useful the Eco-Strips could be as Agricultural Doors; especially, when working beside robots. (As seen in the example video below)

Main Features

Overall, Eco-Strips are not just great for using as Agricultural Doors; indeed; there are many reasons to chose an Eco-Strip installation.

  • Very Versatile - Can be used for a range of different applications and environments
  • Instant pass for people or vehicles (optional)
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Controls air and dust coming into the building
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Allows maximum natural light into the building
  • Manufactured from heavy duty and durable PVC
  • Energy Saver
  • High Speed (if required)
  • Cheaper repair bills than traditional canvas speed doors (if the curtain is damaged, often only the damaged strips will require replacing, not the entire curtain).
  • Many different forms of automation.
  • Self supporting option available for temporary buildings.


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Alternative Types of Agricultural Doors

An an internal Agricultural door, the Eco-Strip is a good option.  However, there are many types of External Agricultrual Doors available. Click on our Agricultural Sector Page to see more.  Alternatively contact us for further advice.

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Don't forget that regular servicing of your Agricultural Doors is, not only essential, but part of Health and Safety Law.

We offer a Service Agreement facility which entitles the holder to discounts off scheduled repairs.  Either, contact us for a no-obligation quotation; or, click on the link to learn more.


Have an Agricultural building that could benefit from an Eco-Strip installation; or, would you like to discuss different types of Agricultural Doors?

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