Wicket Doors

Wicket Doors Are Useful, But Are They The Best Solution?

Here, the Pros and Cons of Wicket Doors are examined, so an informed choice can be made.


Increase in Foot Traffic Flow - Wicket Gates take away the need to raise and lower a shutter each time a person passes through. 

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Door Engineer

A Day In The Life of A Door Engineer

Well, first things first for a Door Engineer, is to ease yourself into the day with your first cup of coffee at 8am.  Then, catch up on the days sports news until the boss arrives.

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Doors News

Great Lotinga Doors News - Welcome Back Amy! 

Our most recent Lotinga Doors news is very welcome.  

After having her second baby last year and taking time off to be Mum, Amy will over the next three months be building up her hours back to full time.

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Internal Agricultural Doors

Internal Agricultural Doors are growing in popularity

Farmers often ask us for internal agricultural doors.

Recently our Eco-Strip roller doors are increasingly being used as internal doors to help keep dust, debris and animals out.

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Fast Action PVC Doors

Lotinga's Fast Action PVC Doors Have An Exciting Future Ahead.

The Eco-Strip Fast Action PVC Doors are an integral part of this project. 

Intelligent Growth Solutions continues to work hard, telling the world about their Vertical Farm technology.

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Emergency Door

Emergency Door Needed - Lotinga To The Rescue!

Today a customer called desperate for an emergency door installation to secure their premises after a ram raid. Eight other door companies had informed them it would be 4 to 6 weeks before a new door could be installed.  Then they rang us!

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