Wicket Door

Wicket Doors - A Health and Safety Solution

Fire Exits are compsulsory within a work premises.  Sometimes there is no wall space available to have one.  There is another solution.  A Wicket Door!

A Wicket Door can be a tad tricky to operate; as a result, it would not be the first solution we would recommend for a fire exit. 

However, when no other options are on offer, it is a solution.

Wicket Door

The Fire Exit Door featured here would be the ideal health and safety solution.  Secure and easy to open.

A Wicket Door serves the purpose of emergency access; but it does not come with a multi-point locking system.  Nonetheless, it does give adequate security and provides ease of access.

It probably sounds like we are not really trying to sell the wicket door. 

That is because at Lotinga, we believe in being upfront and honest with our advice.

Wicket Door

That's not to say a wicket door is not useful.  Here are some of its plus points:

  • Ease of access - making the opening more efficient for personnel.
  • Safety - provides a quick escape in an emergency.
  • Space saver - leaving wall space free for other uses such as equipment.
  • Energy saver - The main shutter door does not have to be lifted each time you enter; so can be left down during cold weather.

We explored the Pros and Cons of Wicket Gates in a previous blog.  Click here to read more.

How Do Wicket Doors Work?

Well, that question is answered on the Wicket Gate page.


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