Electric Warehouse Doors

Electric Warehouse Doors - Why Choose Them Over Manual?

Manual or Electic Warehouse Doors?  How do you choose the best option for your premises?  Here we analyse the Pros and Cons of choosing one over the other.


Immediately we find customers assume that electric warehouse doors would be more expensive compared to manual ones.  However, that is not the case. 

Electric Warehouse Doors

Unlike electric ones, push up and chain operated doors have springs inside the barrels. 

Springs are costly; hence in the majority of cases the motor option is cheaper.


Health and Safety

Unless industrial doors are relatively small, a push up / pull down option is possible.  If the person is fit and healthy, with no existing physical health condition, a small push up door is O.K.  However, if the user has a bad back or the opening is too large, a push up door is not advisable; as personal injury could result.

If an electric supply is not available, and there is no other option than manual; then, it is possible to use a chain operated door up to a certain size.  We would not recommend a manual door above 4.5m².


Electric Warehouse Doors


Having an electric warehouse door can be more convenient and save time and effort opening and closing.  But, if your premises suffers a power cut, an electric door would not operate.   Needless to say, a manual door would not pose this problem.

All electric shutters come with a manual override facility; but using the winding handle is fairly physical and time consuming.  Alternatively; a battery backup can be installed, which allows the door to operate whilst the main power is off.

Still not sure which would be better suited for your premises?

Contact us to discuss your requirements and the options available to you.