Domestic Industrial Doors

The term 'Domestic Industrial Doors' may not always sit well with some people.  How can an Industrial Door be put on a Domestic property?  In this blog, we show the benefits of opting for an Industrial type door.

When someone puts security doors on their domestic property, generally, you would see continental aluminium-type shutters as featured above.  Aluminium doors are a fairly effect form of security, and they look attractive; however, steel doors are superior.

Domestic Industrial Doors
Superior Strength

To start with, steel doors are stronger than aluminium; and even though they are more industrial, they can still look attractive on a property.


Also, as with the aluminium doors, there are a plethora of RAL colours available.  You can visit to see the whole range.  Domestic industrial doors can be provided with single-skin or insulated curtains, depending on your requirements.

High-Security Domestic Industrial Doors

If opting for steel is not enough security for you, high-security options are available.  Click the link here to learn more.

Not Fused About Aesthetics?

If high security is your top priority and you don't mind if your door does look more industrial, this will provide you with more choices.  Click here to see more of this example of domestic high-security doors.

Want To Discuss Your Options?

If you are looking for a high-security door option on your domestic property, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.