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Folding Doors

Constructed from galvanised steel and jointed using galvanised steel hinge sections. Operated manually or electrically; Folding doors also come insulated if you need a door with a thermal value.

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Vision Panels are available on the insulated versions.  If your opening is very wide and conventional sectional overhead doors or roller shutters are not suitable, then these doors are ideal; they are also often used in factory areas as partitioning.


Replacing the larger folding sliding doors can be very expensive, but as we are steel fabricators, we may be able to provide you with a cheaper solution by refurbishing them.


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Above is an example of a door which was no longer being manufactured.  If you don't wish to replace your door for a different one entirely we will endeavour to refurbish it for you instead.


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Refurbishing a door maybe more cost effective than attempting to find a replacement; we will advise you if we feel this is the case.

Service and Save

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In order to help our customers meet their Health and Safety obligations, we offer a Service Agreement Facility.  This entitles the holder to discounts off Servicing and also Scheduled Repairs. Click on our Service and Save page to learn more.

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If you are unsure of your legal obligations please visit our Safety and Legal page for more information or call us for expert advice.


Featured Project

Click on to see more photos of the Project of the folding door refurbishment.