Agricultural Door Technology

The Growth of Agricultural Door Technology

The benefits of merging RAS (Robotics and Autonomous Systems) with Agricultural Door Technology was unknown to Lotinga. 

Then  Intelligent Growth Solutions contacted us and an exciting Project unfolded.

Using indoor farming techniques within closed environments; means nutrients, temperature, humidity and lighting can all controlled.

To allow robotics and the Eco-Strip doors to work together as one machine; agricultural door technology was merged with the specialised robotics system.  Consequently; the benefit of the Eco-Strip Door within the facility was realised.


Agricultural Door Technology

Space is optimised by using Robotics; therefore, accommodating a high density of plants.  As a result, these facilities are well suited for urban and industrial environments.  Avoiding over production minimises waste.  Furthermore, long distance transport chains are not necessary, and the carbon footprint is reduced.  To sum up; crops can be bred specifically to maximise yield. 

Because Vertical Farms are so efficient; minimum water is needed within the facility.  Thus; providing a solution for growing in areas where rain is not abundant.

In addition;  there is no need to breed pest resillient crops, because pests are filtered out and cannot access them.  In short; super organic food can be produced.  A far healthier option.

Whilst not the most economically competitive solution; the ability to solve issues that traditional farming faces, means the Vertical Farms should be given serious consideration.

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