eco-strip-roller-door-thanet-earth-green-C-e1565179263778-300x298 Internal Agricultural Doors

Internal Agricultural Doors are growing in popularity

Farmers often ask us for internal agricultural doors.

Recently our Eco-Strip roller doors are increasingly being used as internal doors to help keep dust, debris and animals out.

eco-strip-yellow-03C-e1565262943695-274x300 Internal Agricultural Doors

Eco-Strips are either installed behind an external security door or, further within the building as a section divider.

Furthermore, as well as normal speed operation, these doors can be operated with a fast action motor.  Additionally; for ease of access, an integral personnel door can be placed within the curtain.  Different operational devices are available, which save time and help to increase productivity.

eco-strip-personnel-02C-min-765x1024 Internal Agricultural Doors
eco-strip-door-with-clear-curtain-min-1-755x1024 Internal Agricultural Doors
eco-strip-personal-access-01C-min-763x1024 Internal Agricultural Doors

Internal Agricultural Doors - Benefits of The Eco-Strip

The Eco-Strip comes with many benefits, such as;

  • Faster repairs compared to traditional canvas speed doors
  • Avoid scratch damage found on traditional PVC strip curtains
  • Integral Personnel Door Option
  • Many different forms of automation and also high speed option available
  • Aids in controlling air and dust coming into the building
  • Instant pass for people or vehicles (optional)
  • Allows maximum natural light into the building and furthermore reduces heat loss
  • Manufactured from heavy duty and durable PVC
  • Energy Saver

It has even been installed on a Salt Shed; thus proving to be a very versatile internal Agricultural Door.

eco-strip-door-salt-shed-01C-min-1024x767 Internal Agricultural Doors

Service and Save

Regular servicing can help to highlight small issues before they turn into costly repairs.  In addition; regular maintenance helps to ensure doors are reliable and safe to use. 

Legally all industrial doors must be serviced at least once a year.  In order to help our customers meet this responsibility; we offer a Service Agreement Facility.  It entitles the holder to discounts off scheduled repairs.  Click through to our Service and Discount page to learn more; alternatively contact us for a quotation.


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