Wind Damage

Industrial Doors and Wind Damage

Parts of the UK have seen some unusually windy conditions of late.  Therefore, we felt it would be good to provide some tips on how you can help to prevent your industrial door from suffering wind damage.

The problem of wind damage may never have occurred to you; but it can have drastic and, not to mention, costly consequences.

In the event of a forecast for unusually high winds, you could, as a temporary measure, place a vehicle, such as a fork truck, behind your door to stop the curtain from blowing inwards.

However, if your premises frequently experience windy weather, you can put products in place to help avoid damage.  Plus, you could save hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

The most common solution is to have large wind-locked guides installed. Wind-locked guides would help to hold the curtain in place. In addition, we would install wind-locks at the end of each lath.


Wind Damage

However, perhaps if situated on high ground or directly facing the sea, there may be occasions that your premises may experience high gusts of wind; in that event, you can have a Storm / Ram Raid Bar installed behind your door.

These bars are exclusive to Lotinga Industrial Doors

Our Eco-Strip Doors or brands of High Speed Canvas Doors must ALWAYS be raised up during windy conditions to avoid causing them damage. 

However, when conditions are not too windy, they are ideal for helping to keep the heat in and dust, dirt, and unauthorised personnel out.

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