Doors and Coastal Conditions

Doors and Coastal Conditions - How to Protect from Rot

Steel doors and coastal conditions do not make a good mix.  Salt air will erode a steel door much quicker than one situated in land.

Doors and Coastal Conditions

We decided to take a break from the current madness and explore the farthest reaches of the British Isles.

Within the Outer Hebrides the weather can be very harsh, especially for steel doors exposed to the salty air.

Here is a door situated on the edge of a dock; clearly showing the effects of its environment.  Thankfully, Lotinga was able to refurbish this large door, instead of replacing it; saving the customer a considerable amount of money.  But that is not always possible or cost effective.

Doors and Coastal Conditions

However, there are certain types of doors which can withstand more corosive locations - Marine Grade Doors.

The main steel body of the doors are protected using Marine Grade paint.   In addition; marine grade hardware is used.  Of course you could also opt for an alumiium door instead of steel.  As aluminium does not rust.

Doors and Coastal Conditions

Are you in an exposed coastal location and need industrial doors which can withstand the harsher corrosive environment?

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