Door Obstructions

Door Obstructions

Door obstructions can create real problems.  This damage is what can happen if a door lowers onto an object.  When this occurs, Do Not Touch It!

Door Obstructions

It is essential all obstructions are kept well away from door openings.  However, call a door engineer immediately if a door (especially a Roller Shutter) lowers onto something.


Why Can't I Keep Operating My Door?

It may not be evident to the naked eye, but the curtain can shift across slightly.  This shifting puts the door out of alignment.  For a roller shutter to operate correctly, it must sit true.  Continually using a door that is not straight will cause it to become more and more crooked.  Eventually, it will snag upon itself and become bagged up.  If this happens, under no circumstances should you attempt to get the curtain back down.  Forcing a bagged curtain to move could cause the laths to split apart.  As a result, the curtain could fall.

But I Need to Secure My Opening?

Fortunately, we are Shutter manufacturers.  We keep most parts in stock here in our Sittingbourne workshop.  Therefore, we can carry out repairs quickly.  Failing that, we will attend to your door on the day and bring it down, making the opening safe and secure.

We were able to remove a Sectional Overhead Door and replace it with an emergency Roller Shutter within 24 hours for one customer.  Click here to read more. ⇓

Door Obstructions

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