Industrial Door Ethics

Industrial Door Ethics - We Won't Cut Corners

Where do we stand when it comes to Industrial Door Ethics?  

When maintaining industrial doors, the safety of those operating the doors and using the openings is paramount.

Industrial Door Ethics

As industrial door engineers, it is our job to ensure doors are left in a safe condition.  We will do all we can to fix a problem within a customers' budget, but we won't cut corners.

When coming across a door that is unsafe; an Unsafe Warning Sticker will be placed on the door.  In addition, the operation will be isolated and an Unsafe Warning letter along with a quotation for repairs will be sent.

The Law

If a person is hurt as a result of an unsafe door, the HSE will come down on those responsibile for maintaining that door.  The means us and, also the customer.  Therefore, it is in your interest to use a reputable company; because, it won't just be the door engineer who will be held accountable.

Please don't ask us to put the stamp of approval on a door which we deem to be unsafe.  We won't sign off an unsafe door and we won't botch it up either.  Health and Safety will always come first and if necessary, we will walk away.

Lotinga offers a Service Agreement Facility which entitles the holder to discounts off repairs.  If this is of interest, contact us for a no-obligation quotation.