Door Maintenance

Door Maintenance - Avoid the Christmas Naughty List!

It is very easy to overlook door maintenance.  But it's not a good idea to let it slip....heres why!

Door Maintenance

As soon as a problem has been highligthed, contact a qualified door engineer immediately.  Do not attempt to fix the door yourself or continue to use it.

Continuing to use an industrial door which has developed a fault or has been damaged can either; lead to more costly repairs, or, result in injury to personnel operating it.

In addition, keep the opening clear of obstructions.  When a door is lowered onto an object, this knocks the curtain out of alignment.  You may not be able to see the difference, but as the door continues to be used, the curtain will continue to shift across little by little, until eventially it jams up.

Regardless how insignificant a door issue appears to be, always get advice!  That way it helps to ensure the reliability of your door and safety of personnel operating it.

Lotinga offers a Service Agreement Facility which entitles the holder to discounts off scheduled repairs and helps you keep up to date with door maintenance.

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