Door Repair

What's Best - Door Repair or Door Replacement?

Where a door repair is extensive and costly, we will always weigh up if it is economical to do so.  Or, would it serve the customers' pocket better to replace the door entirely?

"Beyond Economical Repair."    Our engineers don't throw this term around lightly.  They will carefully consider if replacing a door is the more cost-effective option to repairing it.

Door Repairs

Different scenarios will determine our decision. 

For example, a door maybe 20 years old, but suffering impact damage to the curtain.  In this instance, it may not be deemed economical to repair.  We would advise not to replace the curtain at say, £1000 when it would only cost £1500 to replace the old door entirely.

Door Repair

Then there are safety situations. A door may not have a safety brake installed, a compulsory safety device. 

A safety brake would stop a vertically moving door from falling; due to a motor brake failure.  

If there is room for a safety brake to be installed, we would quote to do so; however, if there is insufficient room to fit one, then there is no alternative but to replace the door with one which complies with safety regulations.

It is often not feasible to throw good money after an old door.  

Not only does it make more economic sense to replace the door, but, in addition, you receive one year warranty and peace of mind it is safe to use.

For other safety issues, you can view safety devices on our Accessories and Safety Page.

Need more information on Door Safety and Safety Brakes?

Either contact us or, alternatively the Door and Hardware Federation.